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Hello and welcome to Clay for the Potter, a website designed to share inspirational messages, scriptures, good food links, helpful tools and resources.

For several years I’ve had the desire to create a web site, but as with anything that takes a great deal of time, I thought it would be too difficult. I worried that I would have to take a class in order to learn how to create a site that would look as though it was put together by the hands and mind of a professional.

Then, several years ago, a close family member began urging me to create a website, asking me if I knew how. I shared with her that I had long been interested, but just hadn’t learned. This “urging” persisted over the course of the next year, and finally I decided to take the leap of faith and began exploring my options. As it turned out, for the last seven or eight years or so, I’ve had software capable of creating great sites, and just hadn’t realized it! One night I came home and started doing what I do with just about any “gadget” I want to get familiar with: I began clicking different areas of the software, using help text, looking through the help index, and checking out other websites of interest to get ideas of what I wanted to include and convey.

Using training from my school days, I sat down one Saturday night and began writing down ideas for main page topics, then filling in things that would be the meat for the site – a paper story board, if you will. I began working in earnest on the actual web site three days later, creating the main pages. For the next week, after work and church, and into the late evening hours, I added more content to each page, and throughout the week as additional ideas came to mind, I quickly jotted them down on the note-filled pages so as not to forget. Before I knew it, my familiar passion for writing, which had been dormant inside me, was pouring out, and the words started to flow to mind faster than I could write them down. I literally had to “turn off” the creative thought processes before I could settle down each night.

Around the time I became serious about putting the website together, I began praying and asking the Lord what He wanted me to include. Perhaps as important, I asked Him what I should name the site. The name had to be something that would glorify God, as well as convey an important message. Several thoughts came to mind, but the one that came and stayed was based on a deep desire of mine – to be molded and shaped by God, the One who created me. My utmost desire is to be all that He created me to be, even when it means breaking me down, reshaping me and allowing me to go through the fiery trials of life. In His hands, I, like the clay for the potter, will glorify Him.

Jeremiah 18:1-6 tells of the story of the Potter’s House. If you’re not yet familiar with this scripture, please visit the “Why the Clay?” section of this site.

May God bless you, and may you glorify Him!

Clay for the Potter

Jeremiah 18:1-6

Melanie E. Beasley

Clay for the Potter

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