“I praise God because He is faithful. I was in a car accident on November 15th, 2008. I was driving and as I was preparing to exit, my car lost control and I went over a 25-foot embankment. I wasn't sure what had happened but I could feel each time the car flipped. It flipped about three times. My car was completely totaled but by the Grace of God I walked out of that car unharmed. I had no broken bones, and most importantly I do not have any emotional damage. I've since been driving and whatever minor injuries I did have are now gone.” - Denita Robbins

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I have known Denita for about four and a half years, and I have to praise God for what He has done in her, through her and for her. Notice the driver’s side is almost completely intact. The Bible tells us that God “shall give his angels charge over” us to keep us in all our ways.

(Psalm 91:10-12, KJV)

This accident happened on a Saturday. Denita was back in church for Bible Study the following Wednesday. She resumed her place on the worship team shortly thereafter. Not once did I hear her complain. All she asked for from us was prayer.

And she gave God the glory.