Jeremiah 18:1-6, clay in the potter's hands

According to this passage, Jeremiah witnessed the potter creating a vessel, one that would ultimately be used for a specific purpose. As the potter worked on the vessel, he realized that it was not quite the way he wanted it to be. It was marred, spoiled, perhaps misshaped and therefore not usable. As a result, the potter reworked the clay, starting again and building with his hands a vessel that would be worthy of use. This vessel would glorify the potter, for the potter was its creator.

The word “marred” is defined as detracting from the perfection or wholeness. It also means damaged or flawed in the making (Webster’s Dictionary). The potter, not being content until the vessel was as perfect as possible, would continue shaping and reshaping it until he had a vessel that would suit its purpose. Imagine trying to pour liquid into a funnel that was turned upside down. The liquid would probably spill without much of it getting to where it was intended to go. However, if the funnel were used correctly, the liquid would be neatly collected or distributed; the purpose of the funnel would be served.

Like the potter and the clay, God wants to shape us, mold us and make us as He wills, that we may glorify Him. After all, He created us to praise and worship Him!

So, why Clay for the Potter? As I mentioned on the Home page, I wanted the name of my website to be meaningful, and to glorify God. Jeremiah 18:1-6 is a powerful scripture, and happens to be one of my favorites. When I think back at moments throughout my life thus far, I recognize a pattern: Growth, setbacks, some heartaches, some disappointments, many victories, some valleys, some mountaintops, lots of tears, more growth, some failures...Through it all, there was always hope, hope that what was not good would soon be better. Hope that the tears would dry and the heartaches would heal. Hope that the failures would turn to victories. And hope in the Lord Jesus Christ who makes all things possible. Our lives are about yielding and receiving—yielding to the Potter’s hands, and receiving the rewards that cannot be bought or sold.V

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