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Clay for the Potter first went live on October 12, 2007. Since that day, so much has happened, and there is so much for which I am thankful. This site has grown from about ten pages to over seventy, and God is still pouring ideas into me. As a result, I’ve created this “New and Exciting!” page as a way of sharing even more, which I believe by faith, will number into the hundreds of pages.

Since the birth of Clay for the Potter, the Lord has allowed me to show my photography in an art exhibit, and most recently, I started my first blog, called, The Simplicity of My Testimony (more below). Ultimately, my goal is to write a book (but not limiting myself to just one!). The first one is already in the works.

There’s so much in the works right now that I find it difficult at times to stay focused. It was during a time of consecrated fasting and prayer two years ago that this website came into being, and even as I write, another consecrated fast is transforming my thoughts into reality. Stay tuned for more “New and Exciting” things!

As long as the Lord is willing to use me, I am a willing vessel. I hope you have been blessed by what you’ve seen so far, and that you will continue to be blessed by what I have to refer to as my “web ministry”.

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Good morning...This is God...

I’d like to invite you to visit my blog,

The Simplicity of My Testimony! I don’t blog every day, but when I do, I really have something to say! Click the box to the right, and let me know what you think!

"Flowing Stream" on exhibitMelanie E. Beasley

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“Flowing Stream” on exhibit!